These entrees chronicle my adventures into the world of technology. Web programming, databases, architecture, and overall electronics are just some of the topics I will discuss. My interests in technology are always evolving, always changing, and never boring.

Private Blockchain – How to Build & Implement

Table of Content IntroductionTypes of ChainsWhat Is A Public BlockchainWhat Is A Private BlockchainWhat Is A Permissioned BlockchainWhy Pick A Private BlockchainEthereumWhy You Should Use EthereumLimitations To Private Ethereum Blockchain DevelopmentTechology Stack RecommendationsBuilding A Private BlockchainWhy Are You Building A Private ChainHire The Right TeamBuilding The Private ChainDeploy Your First…

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Splitting SalesForce Person Accounts into Account and Contact

Did you know that you can split Salesforce Person Account records into Account and Contact records?  Yea neither did I.  That is until a project came up where I had to convert a few million Person Account records into individual Account and Contact records. Salesforce developed the concept of a…

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