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[SFDC] Splitting SalesForce Person Accounts into Account and Contact

Did you know that you can split Salesforce Person Account records into Account and Contact records?  Yea neither did I.  That is until a project came up where I had to convert a few million Person Account records into individual Account and Contact records.

Salesforce developed the concept of a Person Account for those who conduct business with individuals (B2C vs B2B).  A Person Account is denoted by the IsPersonAccount boolean on the Account object which is set when a Person Account record type is assigned to the Account record.  During this assignment, the user will have the ability to designate an existing Contact record to form the mandatory 1:1 relationship or else one will be automatically generated and assigned.  So, why would an organization want to split up a Person Account after going through the very specific process to create it?

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[Paleo] Chicken Cacciatore With Zucchini Squash Noodles

Once more I feel as if my next post chronicling my culinary adventures should showcase a “made on the fly” recipe that I threw together to satisfy a fast craving.  Last night I found myself wanting Italian food, which I rarely do.  Specifically, I’ve been missing spaghetti and marinara sauce.  Since I’m trying to conform to Paleo as much as possible, pasta noodles are something I’ve had to write off from my life.  A friend, and co-worker, recently talked me into getting a spiralizer for veggies, which I’ve used on a couple of occasions on things such as cucumbers in order to hone my skills with the machine (which really is not that hard to use). Armed with this new skill and machine, I felt ready to tackle a pasta substitute dish.
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[Paleo] Thai-Style Coconut Red Curry Fish Over Rice & Spinach

Being a new, freshly redesign site, I decided that it was best to write my first post over a new, fresh recipe that I came up with the previous evening.  The idea was sparked by a craving for Beef Red Curry, something that I enjoy making and eating, and the need to use some basa catfish that had been airtight in the freezer for some time.  Even though I used basa catfish any type of light fish should hold up to this recipe.  I’m tempted to use tilapia on my next attempt, but you could also use normal catfish or halibut.  The fish is cooked in a coconut red curry sauce, which is then laid on a bed of rice and steamed spinach with the sauce draped across the top and allowed to trickle down into the bedding below the fish. Continue Reading

[Kodi] Installing Kodi With The Phoenix Add-On

Recently, a number of people have been asking me how it is that I am able to watch “still in theater” movies in HD from the comfort of my own home.  This conversation almost always ends in me having to download, install and set up the necessary program and add-on that makes this magic happen.  Today, I will share with you the setup process so that you can turn that old laptop, Raspberry Pi or mobile device into a media streaming machine!

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